Chronic Pain can’t be severe pain…can it?


Something about the word ‘chronic’ makes people preclude ‘severe’.  Why is that?

They think…

Severe pain is always acute. Severe pain can’t be long lasting.  Severe pain can’t be ongoing.  Severe pain can be treated and healed.  Chronic pain is milder.  Aches and pains.  Not searing, tearing, stabbing, crushing, twisting.  Life with ‘chronic’ pain cannot possibly be an endless cycle of narcotics to control ‘severe’ pain. It cannot possibly be so severe as to inhabit all your senses and redefine your heart, your dreams, your goals…your life, your fears, your soul.

It can’t be that bad.

Except it can.  And for me it is.  And for many others, too.

Yet for the world, ‘chronic’ means annoying, nagging, a bit sore sometimes.

Why is that?


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