The Chicklet is not well (spondylitis? Crohns? Hopefully not)

lumbar spine x-ray

I took the Chicklet to my GP this morning. She has had ongoing bouts of diarrhea, and has had for the last six months. She’s had all the basic investigations, which have all come back negative. Along with her ‘growing pains’, which she has had for many years, the worst case scenario looks very familiar. I hope not.

She’s on a course of strong antibiotics, just be sure there’s no bacterial infection, and if that fails, then she needs an endoscopy. She’s already been screened for JIA and she’s HLA-B27 negative. But so am I, and I have confirmed (x-ray evidence) Ankylosing Spondylitis now. Once again, bloodwork means nothing in my case. And she’s genetically half me (poor kid!)

I’m too tired to get her to school, AND get me to my gastroenterologist at 1:50pm, and unfortunately my gastro is more important than her school. Not good I know, but there is no choice. There is no bus from here to get her there. Everyone I know is either working, or in worse shape than I am.

So she can help me sort out the fridge and start prepping meals. After I’ve had a rest. #hurting #spondy #RA


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