Charlie Teo – Hero or gouging patients? I say he’s not the bad guy


Today’s discussion topic: Charlie Teo accused of overcharging so that people need to crowd fund to afford his services.
But..if you watch the video, he explains that in order for him to operate in the public system (and he’s stated he would do these operations for free) he would need the local neurosurgeon to state that Charlie Teo is doing something different (read: Teo is the more skilled surgeon) and then he could be brought in.
While he has offered to operate on several cases, not ONE neurosurgeon has agreed to let him take the case. A case of the local neurosurgeon putting his/her ego ahead of the patients best interests.
Every doctor should put their patients needs first, and check their ego at the door.
While the media seem to be slamming Dr Teo, from what I’ve seen and read, I’m in his corner.



  1. I do not understand the system well enough to comment pro or con. I do think crowd funding for medical care is a shame. Not because people do it, rather because they have to do it.

    • I absolutely agree with you Rick. In a perfect world everyone would be able to access the care they need, without being bankrupted or needing to crowdfund, or fundraise in any way. It is a shame that its necessary, even in a country like Australia, where we supposedly have universal health care.


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