Blocked tear ducts and eye infections, complicated by incompetence


So I finally had my ophthalmologist appointment on Monday.  I’ve had an eye infection for several weeks. My left eye tears up constantly, and weeps.  My vision is blurred, and, well, it hurts.

I saw my optometrist 4 weeks ago.  She told me I had an infection, and blocked tear ducts, that would need flushing by my ophthalmologist. She told me she would write a referral and fax them to get me an urgent appointment.  Because, while it wasn’t a serious problem, there is always the infection risk in immunosuppressed people.  Simple infections can easily become serious, and risk my eyesight.  So I would need to be seen within days.

I tried to get an appointment, but the quickest I could get was four weeks later.  Annoying, but I called my optometrist and she assured me she would get me a quicker appointment. And would be in touch.  I believed her, considering how worried she was about the eye becoming seriously infected.

But when I called the ophthalmologist, I had to wait four weeks.  Worse than that, imagine my surprise when my ophthalmologist hadn’t received any letter nor referral about my infected eye. She had no idea whatsoever.  She thought I was just there for my usual eye checks, albeit six months early.

So my optometrist is no longer my optometrist.  How incredibly unprofessional!  She just didn’t get around to it, or whatever.  I fully understand that it’s a very minor problem, but it needed to be seen to.  Quickly. As in I should have been seen within days.  It was her job to make that happen.  She was also ‘very concerned’ about my recurring subconjunctival hemorrhages.  She didn’t write to my GP about those either.

I am inclined to phone her tomorrow and ask her why she didn’t do her job.  But it has been a very bad week.  Honestly I just can’t be bothered!  I have bigger things on my mind than incompetent dipshits.

End result, my eye infection improved a bit on its own, with regular baths and eye drops.  But it is still quite definitely there, and has now spread to the nasal cavity.  So now I have antibiotic eye drops and a nasal spray to kill the infection.

Orbital Cellulitis is the risk, because I am immunocompromised.  Always comes back to that, doesn’t it? The immunosuppression.  But the antibiotic drops and spray should take care of it.  The pain and swelling should be gone within 48 hours.  And I only had to wait four weeks for that.

My ophthalmologist dilated my eyes, and probed my tear ducts with a long, skinny implement. The kind of thing you don’t normally want someone poking near your eye.  Then she flushed the tear ducts with a syringe full of saline.  Which then delightfully drained down the back of my throat.  Yum, yum.

Not serious. Not painful.  A little uncomfortable. Very gross.

And hopefully that will do the job.  And in a few days, the infection will be gone.  No thanks to my (ex) optometrist!


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