My beautiful house and dealing with peoples perceptions


So full disclosure. This is my house. Of course I have a mortgage, but its relatively small by todays standards. And I’m disabled, and I don’t work, so it appears I have a fantastic life (from the outside). I.e I don’t work, and I have a great house, so life must be great, right? Also, HOW exactly did I get this great house? Something doesn’t add up, right?

Let’s just ignore the fact that I have no partner, and I’m a single mother to to high needs kids. Love them beyond words, but high needs. I’m high needs as well, but that never makes the cut.

Skip all that, and lets ask when was the last holiday I had. Even minor holiday, heck, when was my last weekend away? Years ago, cos I cant drive for more than 2 hours straight. And I can’t be the responsible adult on a holiday, cos I break. Physically. Plane rides kill me, busses are worse, trains don’t always go where I want to go and they kill me too.

When’s the last time I went out for a nice dinner? Ok, a pretty average dinner? A crappy dinner? Some takeout? We had pizza three weeks ago..the crappy delivery kind. We got it cos it was delivered…cos, you know, driving. And Gamerboy loves pizza and he deserved a treat. But I couldn’t eat it. But I got pleasure from his pleasure.

So when was the last time I went out for coffee? I don’t do that, cos coffee is expensive..if you go out for coffee every day, that’s a lot of cash (in my world). When was the last time I read a magazine that wasn’t in a doctors office and six years old? When was the last time i bought shoes? When was the last time I bought clothes other than essential underwear, or socks at Woolworths? I have three outfits, one pair of jeans, two skirts, you get the idea. I cut my own hair, and dye it myself. I don’t get manicures, I’ve had two facials in my entire life. Ditto massages. Gym was my indulgence and I can’t do that anymore.

I live a very frugal life and I always have. I used to earn the big bucks, 15 years ago I earned $120 an hour. I ddin’t live the highlife, I put it away for the wonderful future my hubby and I and our kids would have…oh wait….

And now my future looks short and grim.

So this is why some people are jealous of me. Cos of this house.

So tell me. Honestly. Full disclosure. Would you trade places???


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