bachelor of Nutrition and a reality check with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a bunch of other stuff that means I’ll never finish

Bit disappointed with LaTrobe university. They used pressure tactics to get me to sign up (I buckled, of course). I told them all about my health issues and disabilities. They promised support. I ran into trouble by week 3, I asked for two extensions. I was just too physically sick to sit the exam, and I can’t get the oral presentation (a video presentation because its an online course) done in time.
I provided a letter from my GP AND the hospital discharge report. How much more does she want?
The exam extension was allowed, but there was no notification. I just logged in today to see that the ‘due by’ date had been extended by a week as I ‘d requested. I think a message to say my extension was granted would have been nice.
BUT, my oral presentation has not been adjusted. So that extension has not been granted. Why? I have no idea. I will have to email and ask.
i have a feeling its because I put both requests on one form. My lecturer is the type to make me follow procedure PERFECTLY. I can’ tell. When I first got really acutely ill last week, I emailed her to let her know early, and I couldn’t even sit up, so I couldn’t read or understand hte online procedures the corerct procedures to follow. She was more concerned that i hadn’t followed correct procedure than she was about the fact that I was THAT unwell.
Obvioulsy she probably deals with people who have a hangover asking for extensions all the time.
BUT…I;m a student who has disclosed their medical history. I was too sick to go through their ridiculous overblown procedure and I didn’t have access to a printer at the time (I was in the damn ER!).
What is more likley? The 47 year old single mum with disabling rheumatoid arthritis is partying to hard to study…OR…she’s really quite acutely ill?
No sympathy. Just “this is not correct procedure” and directing me to the link of what I should have done.
So when I followed procedure (there is nothing to say you can’t ask for two extensions on the one form – half the work for me) she approved ONE request and ignored the other.
No email to notify me. No explanation. No reason.
I assume that she didn’t like that I applied for both extensions on one form. You know what sick people do? they try to make their work as easy as possible. Now I have to email her and ask her IF she denied it, and if so, for what reason. Or if she just ‘didn’t notice’ the other request.
Either way, its now a ‘thing’. And SHE has made it that way. She’s made me stand out when I wanted to fit in.
I don’t have the fucking bandwidth for people like this. Get a REAL problem! LIke so see how she’d manage my life for just one week…prissy little bitch.
Again with the ‘I would never treat someone this way’.
So, I’ll email her and ask. Because there is no way Im going to be able to work out how to create a video presentation and edit it in time. (the content isn’t a problem…how effing wrong is that).
I need the extension, she’s making me BEG for it, making me suffer.
Which part of ‘disability’ didn’t she understand???
Don’t assume someone’s scamming you. Assume their telling the truth. If the world has gotten so bad we ahve to assume everyone’s lying all the time, what the H is the point??
I always think worst case….for the person asking for help. What if I’m hurting someone who’s already REALLY hurting? What if I’m adding to their pain? What…what if I’m the final straw that pushes them over the edge?
I can’t live with that. I’ll be kind instead.
Not her. Not most people.
I’d rather let 100 people walk all over me than be the cause of extra grief to ONE person who is really suffering.
I wish people thought of that once in a while.
I want to do this course. Its really effing hard. Its unlikely I’ll finish. there is no way I’ll finish this degree, almost impossible. But I want to learn, I want to do this degree because I have always wanted to. I don’t want to die wishing I’d tried. I am trying.
My lecturer has made me stand out, in all the wrong ways. And it sux.
But I got 29/30 for my exam, so I’m going to damn well be proud of myself anyway.
Why does she have to make it hard on me? To get her ‘sympathy’ I have to disclose more than I’m comfortable with. Why is what I’ve done not enough?
I don’t care if logically, if physically, I can’t finish the degree. I believe in miracles. I need to believe in miracles.
And why can’t I just finish every unit I can? is that so bad?
Why won’t she let me? It isn’t any harder to be kind. Not one little bit.


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