Artists change the world


Art is not ‘bad’ or ‘good’. You either like it, or you don’t. There are ‘rules’ to follow, that might increase the chances of people liking it. Or they might not. Supposedly the greatest art breaks all the rules.


Art is meant to make you feel something. If it does, it has achieved its goal. If it makes you feel something good, you’ll probably buy that art, be it a song, a photograph, a painting, a poem, an essay, a book. Or sometimes you buy it because it makes you feel sad, or nostalgic, and you need a release for that feeling. A way to get it out of your head and out of your heart, and stop carrying it around.


And while the learned technicians may shake their heads in consternation at the naivete of the words or the rhyme or the predictability of the chord progression or the poor technique of the brush strokes, they are technicians who follow the rules, and can’t understand why that pedestrian work touched the masses.


Technicians do beautiful work too. But artists change the world.


  1. I like only one type of art. The kind I like of course. I do recognize a new type art. I call it big art. I am serious, I truly love really big art. The sculpture that is so big it occupies a public square or a foyer. The painting that is so so oversized it occupies the entire wall not just a small space. Or the line drawing that is the size of the middle school cafeteria.

    My wife says I need to resize my expectations. I am sure that is true.


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