Arthritic Chick Tarot – January 3, 2019 – Princess of Wands

Princess of Wands
Princess of Wands

Today’s card is the Princess of Wands.  Interesting…another court card.  Court cards can represent actual people, and yesterdays Prince of Swords was definitely representing elements of me.  But is the Princess of Wands another element of me?  Or is there a broader meaning to apply?

Wands represent ambition, drive, initiative and strong desires. This is the suit of enterprise and risk-taking.

Princesses can often stand for a young person, or perhaps someone young at heart. Or even someone who has a lot to learn.

As an event, princesses represent news, communication of all types. 

On a personal level, as a psychological element, they represent the person’s ‘inner child’ or the need to get in touch with your inner child.


The Princess of Wands is brilliant and daring. Her beauty is born of her vigour and passion.  She is ambitious and aspiring and full of enthusiasm.  She is an innovator, filled with vitality. Unafraid to fully express herself, she has tamed her fears. In anger or in love, she is passionate, sudden and implacable.  She is never forgets an injury however, and the only realm in which she is patient is in her wait for the opportunity to take vengeance those who wronged her.  She can be superficial and vain and if she’s in a bad place, she can be cruel, unreliable and faithless.

Ok, so I really don’t think this is me.  I don’t do revenge, I am never cruel. My illness makes me unreliable, but I am very, very loyal.  I stand by my friends, defend them when others bitch about them or put them down, defend them when no one is there to hear.  I have never been unfaithful in a romantic relationship.  I always end one relationship before starting a new one.  And I’m certainly not fearless. 

So not me.

Someone else? 

While the Chicklet is young, and certainly has issues with me right now, it doesn’t sound like her either.

News then.  Or a need to get in touch with an aspect of myself.

“The Princess of Wands can also mean overcoming old fears and patterns (represented by the Tiger) and setting yourself free from them. You have brought them to the surface and recognised them although true to form, it has taken time and you usually learn lessons the hard way.”

Now we’re talking.  The Princess of Wands is not like me at all. But she has some strong, admirable qualities.  Qualities I need to work on, to cultivate. 

The Princess of Wands is, above all, fearless.  And that’s what I need to be.  She is, at her core, selfish.  And while I don’t think I can ever be that, I do have to learn to put myself first.  I never, ever do.

Except, right now.  I’m doing…nothing. I am just…being.  And that, for me, is fearless.



  1. In the face of hardship being fearless may be defined by merely being. Being is a life form and is very different than not being. Not being means absent and it is seldom fearless. I would say you are fearless.


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