Adrenal insufficiency or something else…the worst week of my life yet


I’m still here on the couch, holding out and trying to avoid the ER.  If I thought for one second they would give me fluids and let me leave, I’d go. But they wouldn’t. They’d give me IV steroids, because I have every symptom of Adrenal Crisis and they wouldn’t wait for tests, they would treat first, check the bloods later.  And then I’d have to start all over again, and go through this all over again.  And I just can’t do that.

This has been one of the worst weeks of my life, no exaggeration.  I’ve never felt physically this bad. And after nearly two weeks of being this sick and being ignored, today I’m having a hard time staying chirpy. Which up til now, I’ve managed.  It’s been 7 days since I kept any solid food down, 5 days since I had a shower, because I can’t stand up for that long, and I’ve lost 4kgs in a week.  I’m really hoping this IS Adrenal Insufficiency, because if it’s not, I’m really sick.  And I need tests to know which it is.  If I take steroids now, my Immunologist won’t be able to do the bone marrow biopsy she needs to do.  And given how awful I’m feeling, I need those results.  Because the symptoms of the diseases she’s looking for happen to be pretty much the same as those of Adrenal Crisis.  So right now, I don’t know if this is AI or the lack of prednisone allowing the symptoms of the underlying disease to appear.

I friend brought me some Hydralite.  And with that and the packet of salty chips I managed to keep down last night, I am finally feeling a bit better. My BP is back up to 110/70 and the ER is no longer likely.  Staying hydrated and keeping electrolytes and salt levels up are the most important things. If I were in hospital, that’s what they’d be doing.  I’m past the worst now, I got too dehydrated for a while, but now I’m Ok.  Sick, but OK.  I only have just over 24 hours to go until I see my immunologist and she is going to hear all about the 10 days she forced me to suffer, because she wouldn’t give up 15 minutes of her lunch hour to see a patient in crisis.  I’m angry.  The last week of misery was totally unnecessary, she should have made time to see me. If my last lot of bloods hadn’t shown high eosinophils, I would have cracked and taken a rescue dose of prednisone days ago.  But I will get there now, I am improving. I can sit up now, I can think more clearly, I can read facebook.  All things I haven’t been able to do for days.  The Chicklet is going to walk to the pharmacy to get me more hydrolyte and potato chips, because I can’t drive.

24 hours to go.


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