Actemra – week 2


So its midday post second Actemra shot, and the stuff is miracle juice. It turns knives to aches, and I have twice the energy. Having said that I went out shopping this morning, and I need to lie down now, so I’m a long way from ‘normal’, not even close to remission or low disease activity, BUT I am at least 50% better than usual. Less pain, more energy. Happiness is 😊.

Now for side effects. Headache. Nagging, frontal and around the temples. Panadol/Tylenol doesn’t help. And, to put it tactfully, severe GI upset. To the point where I had to get up many times in the night and almost didn’t go out for coffee this morning, because I need to be close to a bathroom. Stomach cramps go along with that, and some nausea.

Worth it.

I’ll rest now, go to gym later. The massive difference with Actemra, is that previously, when I’m out of energy, that’s it. I’m done. Now I can rest for an hour or whatever, but I’ll recover. I’ll get a new load of energy to take off to the gym. And that’s huge.
I have a lot of bruises on my body though. More than usual. Not sure if that’s related to Actemra. I’m glad my hyper allergic state started BEFORE I took my first shot, else it would probably have gotten the blame, and I’d have missed out on the most effective medication I’ve ever tried. I’m a walking allergic reaction at the moment, but I can double dose on antihistamines and that prevents breathing problems. I just have a bright red itchy skin rash. People tend to keep their distance .

If there’s a downside, it’s that my back pain seems more severe, because it’s the only place that is causing severe pain. Before it was spread out over multiple joints. And the difference between my left and right sides is more pronounced. The ‘asleep’ feeling in my left arm, hand, leg and foot is more noticeable without pain in every joint to deflect my attention from it. The nerve pain is also far more apparent. Still, it’s far better than it was. My gym work has my left side almost as strong as my right. Lots of progress has been made 😊.

Back to the point…Actemra is a miracle. The stuff works. Here’s hoping it lasts the whole week this time 😊. Maybe 7.5mg of prednisone is possible. No one thinks it’s possible for me to ever get off prednisone, but 7.5mg is a safe dose, and getting there will make a big difference to my long term health prognosis. So YAY!!!

Gonna crash now 😊


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