23 March 2018 and the endless NDIS saga…incompetence and just plain meanness in action

‘ve also been fighting NDIS all week, to try and get some help with the move. Its an endless fight, round and round, my case kept getting handed to different people, and its been 8 months and counting now.
After being told that I would have help with moving costs covered (verbally) that all it needed was a rubber stamp, I was advised to go ahead with the purchase of the house.
Let me just say that I KNEW this was a risk, because I know how the NDIA works.
So then a new person (senior planner) named LYNN took over the case and started asking me all kinds of questions. I supplied all the info AGAIN, including lots of photographs, and OT assessment of this house, the builders report and quotes..evertyhing.
THen she asked for an OT assessment of the place i’m buying. I explained that was impossible, because in my area there is a 4 month wait on OT services. She told met hat was fine and she’d get back to me with the answer on Monday afternoon.
But she didn’t get back to me on Monday afternoon, or Tuesday afternoon, so I got on the phone. It has taken until today, Friday afternoon, to track it down, and find out what she did.
And guess what?
She put the case on hold, pending an OT review of the new property.
I told her that was impossible. NO vendor will keep a house on the market for FOUR months while I wait for an OT assessment. THis is something that will NEVER be able to be done, buying a house is a time critical situation. IT CAN’T BE DONE!
So she has found a loophole, and buried my case. Best part, she didn’t NOTIFY me, or my OT or anyone. She just buried it. It would stay inactive forever if I weren’t pushing from this end.
Disgusting, officious bitch. She clearly enjoys playing God and screwing up people’s lives. People who are already living difficult lives!
I’m going to keep fighting. I will lose, because time is against me now. I have bills that I have to pay, and I was told they won’t be remimbursed, thats not how NDIS works.
But I’m going to keep fighting so that other people don’t get screwed around like this. I’ve reached out to an MP who is helping, next stop, the media. I’m DONE with this!
I have spent 12K on my own equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, power assists, shower chair, car adaptations…all things that NDIS shoudl have covered. Would have covered but they screwed up my plan FOUR times. I don’t see why I should have to fork out for these expenses when other people get them paid for. Its not a fair system, its in the hands of what kind of mood the senior planner at the NDIA is in when your file hits thier desk. And thats wrong.
I won’t win, but I won’t go down without a fight. And I’m going to make some noise!


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