23 March 2018 and Coronary Microvascular Disease rears its ugly head again

I was diagnosed with Coronary Microvascular Disease two years ago. I had the stress tests, ultrasound, and all that, and was put on medication for my BP, and I was already on blood thinners. The angina has been rare since my BP has been relatively well controlled, but it seems its flaring up again. My ECG this morning looked fine (according to the tech) which is good news, but I need to go back to my cardiologist (oh goody!) and go through all the stress testing again, because I’m getting daily chest pain, which is hopefully just angina, but needs to be checked to be sure.
People with RA have twice the risk of dying of heart disease, and heart disease is the biggest killer of people with RA.
This is also why doing cardiovascular exercise is so important to me, despite the extra pain it causes.
My adrenal issues also have ramifications on heart health, so that endocrinology consult has to come sooner rather than later too. Adrenal insufficiency causes the heart muscle to atrophy, and that can be detected on ECG. I think that’s what my doctor saw yesterday. That should resolve once my adrenals are stable (if I can just avoid stressful incidents for a few weeks, that would be great!).
Three days until uplift. So close to being in our new house. So close to having a whole lot less stress every day (no more driving the kids back and forth, or stressing because I ccouldn’t get them to school).
I do still have the NDIS to fight, the conciliation session with the private hospital in two weeks and prep for that and the ongoing case against the surgeon, and settling into the new house..unpacking and stuff.
I can’t wait to be in the new house though. The kids will be living upstairs, and I’ll be living downstairs, but that’s a good separation. I will miss my lovely, huge master bedroom, but you can’t win them all. The master bedroom upstairs is also large, and it will make a really cool living room for the kids to have upstairs. So it will work out well.
If only the NDIA could understand that while this is not a typical way of furnishing a house, its what works for ME and my family, with my health issues and disabilities.
People with disabilities adapt. We have to. We have to make things fit us, that weren’t designed for us. Healthy people at the NDIA want to fit me into a specific box, without any understanding of what my life is like, or the difficulties I face.
But with their help, or more likely without it, Im going to be happy in the new house. I can get my wheelchair in and out, and I will have more freedom there.
And while I am deeply sad to be leaving this house, now that I am so close, I just want to be in the new house, and start making it my home.


  1. I love moving, and getting to a new house. Lord, I have done it enough so I better love it. I also hate leaving my former houses. So I get being anxious and excited. The thing is all that is new gets old and vice versa.


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