22 March 2018…crash! Rest :)

I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I got the Chicklet to school, and pretty much have been lying here ever since. I’m exhausted. I have to get Gamerboy to school in an hour. And then pick them both up again 2 hours after that. Then a GP appointment.
Packing is well behind schedule, but I have no choice, I need to rest today. I’ll do some study/reading. But physically, I need to rest. Try to get to gym and do a light workout on the recumbent. But mostly, rest. the packing will get done, one way or another. I have a few friends who have offered to help. I might wind up just throwing things in boxes and dealing with it at the other end. Not the end of the world.
This is a megaflare and its exhaustion. Pushing myself now would be a huge mistake.
I took my Actemra last night, hoping that it would help. It hasn’t.
I’m not sure whether to bring my rheumy appointment forward. I’m not due to see her until June, but Actemra has definately stopped working. I only have one biologic left. Should I hang in and hope that when things calm down, it helps more again? Or just accept that its done, and hope the next and last bio works for me? I have one more injection left. I don’t want to fill another months script of such an expensive medication if its not working for me, just a terrible waste.
But I’ll think about that next week, when my move is behind me.
Still on 40mg of prednisone, and needing every drop of energy it provides. Zzzzzzzz.


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