Thank the gods for canned corn – Adventures in Asperger-land


Thank the gods for canned corn.

A healthy food that GamerBoy currently eats.

He generally eats four foods…when a new food arrives, an old one drops off. He has been this way since he was very small, completely unaware.  It’s something I noticed…not something he decided to do.  Right now its canned corn, boysenberry drumsticks, Heinz spaghetti and franks, and lots and lots of steak! He also drinks a lot of milk.  He’ll sometimes have a smattering of lettuce and cucumber and maybe some pink lady apples here and there. And he has a can of Solo soft drink most days. And that’s pretty much it.

I tried to get him to eat a wider variety…losing battle. Not worth the stress that it caused him, and me.

He’s healthy, he’s happy.

It has nothing to do with discipline.

Instant noodles dropped off the list when corn kernels were added, just as sausages dropped off the list when drumsticks were added, and baked beans before that.

Each food lasts several months. Some last years. Steak looks here to stay a while, and that works for me 🙂. And corn kernels are pretty healthy too I guess. And who doesnt love a drumstick???


    • That must have been so frustrating for his parents when he was young!!! But thanks Rick, it may not be peak nutrition, but its enough to get by 🙂


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