uveitis and rheumatoid arthritis


I went to the ophthalmologist for another check yesterday.  It’s a very inconvenient appointment because I need someone to drive me.  The exam involves numbing drops that dilate your pupils, which means you can’t focus and the world is a blur for a few hours.  You clearly can’t drive.

I won’t waste too many words on how great it feels to be 41 years old and have to ask your mummy to drop you off at the ophthalmologist.   And then to ask your husband, whom you have been separated from for a year now, to pick you up.  I think you can imagine…

Anyway, my eyes are fine.  The black floaters are not dangerous.  There is no damage to my vision; I just need to keep using lubricating drops daily.  Probably forever.  Just another bit of maintenance.

But it got me thinking again about all the complications and comorbidities of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Like iritis.