GUEST POST!!!  Sarah, a long term reader of my blog, who has become a wonderful friend wrote this post.  I think many of us can relate, so I’ve published it here with her permission.  

I have always made to- do list for myself, since I was a first time mum, and as time went on and life happened I relied more and more on my to- do list. Every day before I went to bed I would sit down quietly with my to-do list and count each marked off item. Each completed item gave me a great deal of satisfaction, a feeling of success and told me what a great mother, wife ,daughter I was. After all look how organised and together I am. And then I would make my to-do list for the next day, tidy my desk, and sit my list on the top of my empty desk ready for my next successful and all that I would achieve. My to-do list became my best friend, she was my personal complimentary soul sister, we thought alike, we achieved great success, we needed each other, the perfect fit.

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