The truth about living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis and when the awareness raising has already been done

hearing aidI have hearing loss in my left ear, and wear a hearing aid.  It is such a tiny little thing, stuck behind my left ear that I never thought anyone would notice.  And I was happy about that.  This device is nothing like the hearing aids of old, and is completely unobtrusive.  I forget it’s there. In fact I have had a shower with it on…bad idea.  They don’t like water.  Ooops.  Lucky for me it dried out fine and is still working.

At dog obedience training this week Elke and I moved up to a new class, with a new instructor.  Immediately after we went through the class introductions, the instructor came over to me and said:

‘I notice you have a hearing aid.  Please, if at any time you can’t hear what I’m saying, just raise your arm and I’ll repeat myself.’

She then she told the rest of the class that I was hearing impaired and to please keep in mind that it would be hard for me to hear over the background noise, outdoors, multiple dogs and people conversing.   She asked if anyone else had any disabilities or issues that might affect their ability to train.

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