Chronic illness…and ‘What can I do to help?’

This is so often a question asked of people with a chronic illness.  And when a diagnosis is new, there may be a myriad of answers.  Quite probably many, many things that would make life easier. But once disease is […]

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Dr Pain – radiofrequency neurotomy complications. No care and no responsibility

Ok, so Dr Pain’s nurse finally called back. She has decided I’m really in pain that warrants further attention. Today I told her almost exactly what I told her on Monday, verbatim. But she didn’t pay any attention on Monday […]

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Complications of Radiofrequency neurotomy – sometimes other nerves get irritated

I called Dr Pain-management’s rooms. As expected the nurse tried to tell me it was normal. That a little bit of pain, some bruising was normal. I had to interrupt her and tell her this was not a bit of […]

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Did my doc screw up the radiofrequency neurotomy?

The ablation (radiofrequency neurotomy)has stirred up my spine big time. I am so much worse now, than before the ablation. Why? No idea. Did the doc screw it up? Is this temporary? It BETTER be temporary. The pain is largely […]

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This radiofrequency neurotomy is not like the last one…

I’m in a lot more pain than I expected to be. Fresh from my talk with my other pain management doc yesterday, I am feeling free to up my oxycodone dose today. My first percutaneous radiofrequency neurotomy left me feeling […]

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Percutaneous radiofrequency neurotomy of the lumbar spine

Home from my second radiofrequency nerve ablation of my lumbar spine.  Or percutaneuos something neurotomy. I forget what the proper term is.  Im on the couch and I can’t reach my paperwork. And Im not moving. Maybe I’ll edit this […]

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The benefits of Injectable methotrexate, or WTH is going on?

I know it’s too soon to call. I know I shouldn’t be saying this. I know I’m going to curse myself. I know there will be a backlash…and I can’t help it.  Something is going on. Something big.  Huge changes […]

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How I tackle moderate depression

I always feel like I have to qualify things.  Why?  Because people seem to always be telling me that I’m doing it wrong. For example, I told my friend the other day that I am experiencing depression and ‘dark thoughts’.  […]

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Neurology update number 2? 3? I forget

My neurologist is getting more chatty. I’m becoming more interesting to him.  I’m a collection of interesting neurological signs that he is yet to put into a diagnostic box. Today we ran through my symptoms – pins and needles in […]

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Pain relief and slow release vs immediate release oxycodone. Why can’t I choose what works best for me?

Yesterday my GP and I discussed my opioid pain killer use.  He is concerned that my usage is too high.  Of course that crosses my mind as well.  In the chronic pain world, narcotics are a normal part of life.  […]

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