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Dear Diary…today might be a better day

I shouldn’t be writing this, because it’s way too early to call.  It’s 8:30am. I’ve been up for an hour and a half.  But even when I woke at 6:30am to take my oxycodone, I could tell today was a […]

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Dear diary…another day on the couch with rheumatoid arthritis

Today I had a slow start, but I thought things were better. I didn’t hit the shower until 10am. I didn’t get in the car until 1pm.  The rest of the time I was on the couch. I drove out […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and keeping my pain meds (oxycodone) by the bed

I have rules that help me get through the day.  Get through my life.  Rules that keep me moving. Rules that keep me trying. One of them is keeping my pain medications (oxycodone) in the kitchen. The kitchen is as […]

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Alone with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Today is one of those days.  Those days where it really bites to be alone. Why? Because I could do so much more if I had a little bit of help.  I am desperate to get out of this house, […]

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Chronic Pain can’t be severe pain…can it?

Something about the word ‘chronic’ makes people preclude ‘severe’.  Why is that? They think… Severe pain is always acute. Severe pain can’t be long lasting.  Severe pain can’t be ongoing.  Severe pain can be treated and healed.  Chronic pain is […]

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Bye bye Orencia for good

I just saw Rheumy.  She’s not willing to risk Orencia anymore either. Good. We agree. On that, at least. But she doesn’t know what to do with me next. Originally the next option was Actemra.  But she’s concerned that my […]

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Exercise and RA #RAblog

I have always been an exerciser. Gym junkie.  Runner.  Karate-geek.  There has always been exercise in my life.  When I was younger it was all about trying to tame my large build and change my body into something more socially […]

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Five things I’ve learned #RABlog

I’ve learned a lot of things, thanks to my favourite teacher, Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Things about myself, and things about other people.  About life.  About priorities.  About finding meaning and letting things go that do not mean anything.  Cutting it down […]

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Explain your RA #RA Blog

Today’s blog prompt is how I explain my RA to others.  When I meet new people, or even when friends whom I’ve known for ages suddenly ask what it’s like. RA is like a box of chocolates – you never […]

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Managing RA Fatigue #RA Blog

Irony.  Today at around 4pm I chatted to a fellow blogger friend, bemoaning how exhausted I was, and stressed because it’s Day Two of the RA Blog week, and I haven’t even looked up the topic for today, much less […]

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