• The ceiling in my garage right now

The sky is falling! Well, the ceiling, anyway…

So this happened last night. Cute, right?  I know things have been going too well around here lately.  The ceiling must have been feeling ignored.  Poor ceiling. Clearly it has been under a lot of pressure…I was just not aware.   […]

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Rheumatologist appointment number 894,503 or back to Orencia

It was great to see my rheumy and actually give her good news.  Naturally the messages I left with the receptionist bore no resemblance to the message she received.  She had been told that I was 100% better and didn’t […]

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Aspergers and not all kids like to ride the roller coaster

This afternoon we went to the local indoor trampolining centre.  Loads of fun for every kid in the world.  Every kid loves this stuff.  Bouncing around on trampolines with walls made of trampolines and foam pits to jump into and […]

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Tapering prednisone and trying to exercise again

I made it through a spin class today.  It was doable. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill, and that was doable, but not for very long.  After five minutes I was starting to walk funny, so time to change machines. […]

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Week six of methotrexate injections for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Last night I took my sixth dose of methotrexate, by injection.  I took the equivalent of 17.5mg.  I have suffered severe side effects from methotrexate in the past, when I was taking the tablet form.  I can barely believe it […]

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Chronic illness…and ‘What can I do to help?’

This is so often a question asked of people with a chronic illness.  And when a diagnosis is new, there may be a myriad of answers.  Quite probably many, many things that would make life easier. But once disease is […]

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Dr Pain – radiofrequency neurotomy complications. No care and no responsibility

Ok, so Dr Pain’s nurse finally called back. She has decided I’m really in pain that warrants further attention. Today I told her almost exactly what I told her on Monday, verbatim. But she didn’t pay any attention on Monday […]

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Complications of Radiofrequency neurotomy – sometimes other nerves get irritated

I called Dr Pain-management’s rooms. As expected the nurse tried to tell me it was normal. That a little bit of pain, some bruising was normal. I had to interrupt her and tell her this was not a bit of […]

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Did my doc screw up the radiofrequency neurotomy?

The ablation (radiofrequency neurotomy)has stirred up my spine big time. I am so much worse now, than before the ablation. Why? No idea. Did the doc screw it up? Is this temporary? It BETTER be temporary. The pain is largely […]

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This radiofrequency neurotomy is not like the last one…

I’m in a lot more pain than I expected to be. Fresh from my talk with my other pain management doc yesterday, I am feeling free to up my oxycodone dose today. My first percutaneous radiofrequency neurotomy left me feeling […]

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